20 April 2021


SLK Cement employees have trained more than 200 first-graders from Chelyabinsk, Omsk and Sverdlovsk regions on the rules of behavior on the road and in transport. On the eve of the summer holidays, the largest cement producer held a number of events to improve the safety of young residents of their regions.

April is the month of transport safety at SLK Cement, and every week SLK Cement specialists held new events in the schools of the regions of their presence. During the lessons, the  employees of the labor protection, industrial safety and ecology have used specially designed brochures and reminders for parents and first-graders, which are distributed to children for home use at the end of the event. The next event was a mini-quiz, for which the cement workers attracted еру sixth-graders volunteers. 
In total, 203 first-graders took part in safety lessons: 83 students in Korkino (Pervomaysky), 90 in Sukhoy Log and 30 in Omsk. 
 – The kids are excited! They say that they know the signs "Brick", "Pedestrian crossing", we discussed why a cyclist should get off a bike at a pedestrian crossing, they already understand how important it is to wear reflective elements on clothes in the dark, – the leading engineer of the department of industrial safety and ecology of the Korkino branch Natalya FADEEVA shared her impressions. - At the end of each meeting, the kids asked to come more often, as they are very interested! 
First-graders also took part in the competition “Safety. Children. Childhood". All participants will receive a commemorative prize from the company, and the best works in the nominations "The Best Drawing", "The Best Poster", "The Best Layout", "The Best Application" and "The Best Craft" will be posted at SLK Cement.
– We are pleased to support the initiative of the SLK Cement company, aimed at ensuring the safety of children on the roads, – said Irina Istomina, the deputy director of the MBOU "Secondary School No. 28" in Pervomaisky. – Our first-graders are accepted the information vividly and answered the questions willingly. I am sure they will show the  memos and brochures to their friends and families.