15 April 2021


Within the framework of the transport safety year announced by SLK Cement, the company held a round table meeting for cement carriers. It was attended by more than 20 representatives of transport companies providing services to deliver the products of the Korkino and Sukhoi Log cement plants.

The representatives of SLK Cement told their carrier partners about major projects that would be implemented in the near future at the plants in order to improve the product loading processes. These include modernization of silos at the Korkino Plant including the creation of additional loading station, and upgrading of side loading systems of the silos at the Sukhoi Log Plant. As a result of the project implementation, downtime of trucks will be reduced, and cement loading into the trucks will be accelerated.
– We have demonstrated to our cement carrier partners the development prospects of investment projects in the field of logistics in our company, – commented Evgeniy GRISHCHENKO, Logistics Director of SLK Cement. – The emphasis was laid upon the specific solutions that we have been implementing to improve the loading process.
I am sure direct personal contacts with the partners will bring effect. Based on the results of this round table meeting and communication with the colleagues, we will continue our efforts to improve the transportation process. Of particular importance is the fact that certain modifications can be implemented thanks to feedback and the suggestion made within the framework of the event.
There was a separate block within the discussion dedicated to occupational health and safety. SLK Cement pays special attention to the issues of transport labor safety and traffic safety, and the message to colleagues is to share this corporate priority. The staff of the company together with the carriers considered some specific examples of violations committed by truck drivers of contractor companies and reminded once again that any person driving into the territory of SLK Cement was obliged to undergo safety induction and to follow the established requirements.
– It is good to see the return of the tradition of round table meetings, during which we could share our concerns directly with the company management and learn about changes expected in SLK Cement, – confided Sergei POPOV, CEO of a carrier partner. – I like it very much that the geography was expanded; this time, companies from Sukhoi Log participated in the event, too.
At the end of the round table meeting, the participants agreed the plans for future cooperation. Until the end of this year, there will be more retreats, and in November, SLK Cement will arrange a competition called ‘Safe Heavy Truck’ specially for carrier companies. And in December 2021, there will be another round table meeting for cement carriers, during which results of the year will be summarized.