12 November 2020


SLK Cement continues dispatching cement for construction of the Arena Omsk Project (Omsk). Most concrete used for building this federal level project will be manufactured using the products of Sukholozhskcement Branch of the company.

Two out of the four accredited concrete suppliers – Betonprom, LLC, and the Monolith Concrete Works – are partners of SLK Cement. Sukholozhskcement began dispatching the cement in September 2020, and the plant will continue to supply it throughout the whole construction period of the Arena Omsk Project, which is planned to be commissioned in 2022. During the three years, a total of about 70,000 m3 will be delivered to the site, of which sulphate resistant concrete accounts for 30,000 m3. Most of that concrete will be produced from the cement of SLK Cement. In order to meet the cement delivery schedule for the federal level project, the scheme of operation and facility utilization in Omsk Branch has been revised. The products are transported in hopper wagons from Sukhoi Log to the company’s terminal, from which cement trucks provided by the affiliated company TsemTrans deliver the cement to the concrete works.
Due to proximity of subsoil waters, there are special requirements for the selection of construction materials for foundation of the Arena Omsk. Sulphate resistant concrete is based on the CEM I 42,5N SR 3 grade cement that meets the requirements for sulphate resistant cements according to both GOST 22266-2013 and the European standard EN-197, and can be used for production of concretes featuring a high resistance to aggressive media, high strength, frost resistance, water tightness and a long service life. It is designed for construction of concrete and reinforced concrete structures exposed to aggressive sulphate containing media.
– Thanks to these features, this cement is suitable for production of concretes that are resistant to aggressive environmental exposure. Our company thoroughly controls the process throughout all the production phases, – explained Roman Stikharev, Quality Assurance Director of SLK Cement. – That enables us to make sure our customers will receive the top quality product complying with all the requirements of the government standards. This is particularly important for such complex and critical facilities as the Arena Omsk Project.
Currently, vertical structures of the first floor are erected at the construction site. The work is expected to be completed by autumn 2022, and in December 2022 - January 2023, the new facility will host the World Junior Ice Hockey Championship.
SLK Cement is the leading cement supplier in Omsk Region. The construction market of the Urals Federal District has always been the company’s priority, and its products were used for construction of many ambitious projects in the region. These included the construction of the Omsk NPZ, Russia’ largest refinery. According to the data of PJSC Gazpromneft, this facility is No.1 in Russia in terms of the processing volume, and one of the world’s biggest refineries. The products of SLK Cement were also the basis for the concrete used for construction of the Omsk multi-functional medical center for COVID-19 infected patients in the region.