SLK CEMENT обучит всех сотрудников выявлению опасностей на рабочем месте и в быту
10 April 2020


In 2020 the company has set a goal in the field of labor protection – to train 100% of the personnel to identify potential hazards and assess risks. 80 coaches of the course were trained from the number of the company staff.

The goal is implemented in several stages. The number of sessions to improve nesessary required competencies were organised  for the employees who are providing training activities on identification of potential hazards and risks assessment to the colleagues.
At the moment the coaches are engaged in theoretical and practical training of the staff. Each employee will have to analyze possible risks at home (kitchens, children's rooms, living rooms), suggest ways to neutralize them, and then eliminate them. The same assessment will be applied to employees ' workplaces. In this way, cement workers will create a safe space for life and work around them.
Representatives of the company's management team were the first who received training. By the end of the 3rd quarter of 2020, a general plan of measures to eliminate hazards at the workplace will be drawn up.
“Our main aim is to teach employees to anticipate possible situations that threaten their health and safety, and to prevent them from appearing“, said Vitaly Wagner, the Head of labor protection, industrial safety and ecology at SLK Cement. „As a result of a large-scale process, we will get a General risk assessment map with a description of each workplace in the company. The document will be reviewed annually, and changes in it will clearly reflect the processes of improving working conditions at our enterprises“.
The health and safety of employees is a priority of SLK Cement, the main goal of the company is to achieve a zero rate of injuries and occupational diseases. Enterprises have strict rules and procedures that apply not only to their own staff, but also to representatives of contractors. In the premises of production units, aspiration systems for air purification are being upgraded. In 2020 a new scheme of annual medical examinations of employees has been introduced in order to improve the quality of the procedure. Employees use the most comfortable and modern personal protective equipment (PPE) and uniform. The labor protection and industrial safety service initiates preventive measures throughout the year (professional skills competitions, master classes on the use of PPE, lectures on a healthy lifestyle, training in certain types of work, sports competitions, etc.).