16 July 2020


The leading cement manufacturer in the Ural Federal District assisted Sukhoy Log district hospital in purchasing expensive equipment for the resuscitation and anesthesiology department. With the financial participation of the company, four bedside monitors were purchased, allowing doctors to monitor the most important patients’ functions of life support.

In 2020, as a part of the prevention of the spread of coronavirus infection in the territories of the presence - Sukhoy Log (Sverdlovsk region) and Pervomaysky settlement (Korkino, Chelyabinsk region) SLK Cement has repeatedly provided assistance to medical institutions, municipal services and organizations. With the help of the company's financial resources, pyrometers and personal protective equipment were purchased for employees of the Korkino town hospital, as well as medical masks, gloves and disposable anti-plague suits for employees of the Sukhoy Log district hospital. Since the beginning of 2020, SLK Cement's total investment in supporting the healthcare system in the regions where the company operates has exceeded three million rubles.
– Taking care of the health and social well-being of our employees, we do not only comply with all measures of sanitary and epidemiological safety at production sites, but also help medical institutions and other organizations in the territories of our presence, – explains Andrey IMMOREEV, the CEO of SLK Cement. - Every year the company provides targeted socially significant assistance to municipal institutions in the town of Sukhoy Log and the settlement Pervomaysky (Korkino). This year, it is largely aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus infection, as well as providing medical institutions with the necessary equipment and personal protective equipment.
– We thank the company SLK Cement for its help in purchasing special bedside monitors that allow us to monitor the complex of vital functions of patients – says Marina VEREMEENKO, the chief doctor of the district hospital in Sukhoy Log. – This is a great help to the hospital with the doctors who will work for them, and to the patients who are being treated by us. The new medical equipment fully meets the international criteria for resuscitation and anaesthetic safety and allows us to provide high-quality medical care at a higher professional level.

SLK Cement actively implements a social responsibility policy in the territories where it operates, aimed at supporting the health and education system and developing a comfortable urban environment. For example, in 2019, the Sukholozhskcement branch financed the construction of an outdoor children sports complex with a total area of 920 sq.m. and a cost of more than 7 million rubles, and also helped to purchase the necessary equipment for the fire-fighter department. In spring of 2020, with the financial participation of the company, the repair of one of the sections of the building of the hostel for young teachers of the Sverdlovsk region "Sukhoy Log multidisciplinary technical school "was completed. In addition, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, the company "Cemtrans" (part of SLK Cement) in 2020 has repeatedly provided special equipment for sanitary treatment of streets in the district.
– For many years SLK Cement has been actively involved in the formation of social infrastructure, contributing to the development of quality education and healthcare in Sukhoy Log, – said Roman VALOV, the head of Sukhoy Log. – I hope that every year our cooperation aimed at improving the level of safety, comfort and social well-being of residents, transforming the urban environment and the attractiveness of the territory will only strengthen.