Новый коллективный договор принят в ООО «СЛК Цемент»
16 March 2020


A new edition of collective agreement in LLC SLK Cement became effective in March, 3, 2020. The document was adopted unanimously by the employees of Sukholozhskcement at the conference. 

The Preparation of the new collective agreement took several months.  The attention was focused on the document amendment according to the reorganization that took place in the company. In the new edition a significant package of social benefits and guarantees, which an employee is provided with, is remained unchanged. Also all necessary changes, according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, were included.
“First of all, collective agreement regulates social and labor relations between the employer and workers. Drawing up the document we took into account all employees’ applications and some of them formed the basis of the new edition”, Olga Abramova, the Chairman of the trade Union organization of LLC SLK Cement, stated. “In the new edition of the Collective agreement all points correspond to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, all social benefits and guarantees were preserved and some of them were expanded. In particular, attention is focused on social obligations, labor protection issues, the increase in different payments for workers and their families”. 
All company employees can get acquainted with the document in every structural department. It is a reminder that at the end of 2018 the Collective agreement of “Dyckerhoff Korkino Cement” was prolonged until 2021.
“In 2019 Sukholozhskcement plant fulfilled all the obligations recorded in the Collective agreement to the workers”, Sergey Kalinin, HR Director said. “We expect from the staff the conscientious performance of work duties and careful observance of safety rules. In its turn the company guarantees decent payment and significant social package. We maintain this approach at all our enterprises”.