05 August 2018


In July 2019, 10 years have passed since the establishment of regional manager position for working with cement customers at ‘Sukholozhskcement’. Today, technical support team sets new customer focus standards at building materials market, while working in five regions of Russia. SLK Cement Technical Support Group includes employees responsible for customers’ assistance in Sverdlovsk, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk and Omsk regions, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area and the surrounding territories. Each specialist has high professional level and unrivalled expertise in various fields of cement application.

The Technical Support Team faces several serious challenges. One of them is assistance in using SLK Cement products, including competent selection of concrete mixes in accordance with the needs of the customer.
Regional managers implement principle of customer focus approach based on feedback analysis and market monitoring results. Subsequently, using the obtained data, the company’s scientific and technical center develops the most optimal solutions in accordance with the needs of customers.
The specialists’ duties also include customers’ complaints management. The department staff promptly considers each written and even oral request of customers and develops necessary corrective actions on-the-spot within the framework of quality management system. The information received forms the analytics basis for improving customer service and developing product range.
"According to our partners' feedback, we understand how our prompt response to their requests and attentive approach to the smallest details are important", said Roman Stikharev, quality assurance manager SLK Cement, "Close cooperation with customers helps us in evaluation and constant improvement of our own effectiveness, as well as quality of the services provided, thus increasing their satisfaction when working with us".
Today, Technical Support Group development project is continuing in the company. The international corporation Buzzi Unichem, which includes SLK Cement, pays special attention to customer-centric approach issue. The same principle is reflected in implementation of initiatives aimed at improving regional managers’ activities.
“The main requirement for technical support specialists is as follows: they shall perfectly know our customers products and constantly improve expertise level”, said Roman Stikharev, “Our managers’ qualifications correspond to the market challenges.  And we are confident that continuing professional growth of the staff will allow further offering high-level service to our customers”.