Компания SLK Cement оказала помощь в проведении санитарной обработки улиц в ГО Сухой Лог
18 May 2020


As a part of the assistance program to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in Sukhoy Log (Sverdlovsk region), SLK Cement provided specialized vehicles for sanitation and street cleaning, as well as personal protective equipment for local residents.

In May, two specialized vacuum cleaners and a watering machine of the company "CemTrans" (a part of SLK Cement) took part in the planned sanitary treatment of the central streets of Sukhoy Log. In addition, one thousand of medical masks were provided by the company free of charge to employees of enterprises engaged in local and intermunicipal passenger transportation, as well as to residents of the city.
“We are grateful to SLK Cement and its branch in Sukhoy Log for long-term cooperation, participation in the implementation of social projects that are important for the urban environment, as well as assistance in preventing the spread of coronavirus infection”, emphasizes Roman Valov, the head of Sukhoy Log. “ Interaction with the “Sukholozhskcement” plant during many years is a demonstrative example of an effective public-private partnership between business and government, which has a positive impact on the development of the city district and increasing the level of social comfort”.
For SLK Cement, support for various projects and initiatives in the territories of its presence is an important component of social policy. So, in 2019, the “Sukholozhskcement” branch financed the construction of an outdoor children sport complex with a total area of 920 square meters and a cost of more than 7 million rubles, as well as purchased the necessary equipment for the fire-fighting department. This spring, with the financial participation of SLK Cement, the renovation of one of the hostel sections of the multidisciplinary technical school hostel for young teachers, was completed.
“Most of the employees of our plant and their families live in Sukhoy Log. We are bent on providing them with comfortable and safe conditions not only at work, but also in everyday life”, says Johann Nieschwietz, the director of the plant "Sukholozhskcement", SLK Cement. “As one of the main enterprises of Sukhoy Log, we are fully aware of our responsibility to the residents of the region and we are ready to provide comprehensive support in its development and prosperity”.