Дюккерхофф Цемент в России обеспечивает качество продукции на этапе добычи сырья
11 June 2019


OJSC Sukholozhskcement is implementing a large-scale project at Kunarskoye Limestone Deposit. Thanks to this project, chemical composition of raw materials has been stabilized in the pit already.

The automatic system of mining machinery control for production of necessary charge materials was introduced at the dry cement production line. Loaders and excavators were equipped with satellite navigation based position control systems. Experts of the Automatic Process Control Systems Department have developed a software algorithm that automatically allocates the loaders and dump trucks between working places and also automatically analyzes chemical composition of limestone and argillite based on data from the chemical composition flow analyzer. According to collected information, the program makes necessary corrections: changing of load per face, percentage of argillite to be charged, etc. 
“Stability of raw materials is one of the important factors that influence positively the quality of cement and cement based materials”, Roman Stikharev, Quality Assurance Director of Dyckerhoff Cement Russia, explained. “When the required composition of limestone is ensured during the mining phase already, our products become more energy efficient, and their properties are improved”. 
The geopositioning system has been installed on the mining machinery according to the requirements of the legislation. This system ensures continuous transmission of coordinates and travel speed data to the traffic control center, where navigation parameters are displayed on operator’s terminals with accuracy of up to 10 centimeters. This system has enabled OJSC Sukholozhskcement to implement efficiently the project of automatic control of the mining machinery to obtain the required composition of raw materials.