09 February 2021


In view of the difficult global economic situation caused by the pandemic, Buzzi Unicem, whose Eastern Division includes SLK Cement, has decided to establish a one-time charity fund at the plants in the company’s countries of operation. As far as Russia is concerned, an amount equivalent to €200,000 in Rubles according to the exchange rate of the Central bank of Russia at the time of establishment will be allocated for treatment of children that suffer from orphan diseases and need expensive medical care.

Apart from the initial amount, the fund will be replenished by RUR 1,000,000 during 10 years. According to incoming requests, this money will be used to help children under 18 y.o. living in the municipal district of Sukhoi-Log, Sverdlovsk Region, and in the town of Pervomaiskiy, Korkino District, Chelyabinsk Region. The initiative is implemented within the framework of the socially oriented policy of the company that has been supporting regularly various educational, cultural, sports and public health organizations.
– When our shareholders informed us that this year, they decided to allocate for charity such a substantial amount in addition to all the existing programs, we discussed it at the meeting of the Supervisory Board, – said Andrey Immoreev, Director General of SLK Cement. – We have decided to spend these funds on treatment of children living in the towns where our full-cycle plants are located. Support will be rendered in cases where some complex and expensive medical intervention is required, which parents of these children cannot afford. We would like to make the existing medical technologies more affordable to children that may need them. We believe it’s an important task, and the company managers have readily responded to it.
The company management will receive and review on a regular basis requests from residents of the regions where the plants of SLK Cement are located. Based on joint resolutions by the members of the Supervisory Board, the company will meet the requests for financial support required for treatment of children.
Charity accounts for an important part of the corporate culture of SLK Cement. Every year, the company implements certain projects jointly with the authorities and NPO’s in order to improve the quality of life of the people. The plants of SLK Cement support creative houses for children, provide assistance to the All-Russia Association of the Blind. Thanks to the company, modern open sports and game facilities for children have appeared in Sukhoi-Log and Pervomaiskiy; their construction cost over RUR 11 mln. The cement plants sponsored trips to mini-football competitions for young athletes and installed water heaters in the dormitory of the Sukhoi-Log regional medical college. The company helped to repair housing facilities for guest teachers of the Sukhoi-Log multi-disciplinary technical college.
Activities of SLK Cement have been more than once highly appreciated by the authorities and the NPO’s. The company will continue to practice a prompt and responsive approach as an important part of its social policy.